Moisturising skin line

Moisturizing cleansing water

Moisturizing cleansing milk

Moisturizing softoner

 Moisturizing serum

Moisturizing day cream

Moisturizing night cream

Moisturizing creamy mask

Moisturising ampoule

Oily skin line

Foaming cleanser oily skin

Cleansing milk oily skin

Day cream oily skin

Creamy mask oily skin

Serum oily skin

Scrubbing lotion

Sensitive skin line

Cleansing water sensitive skin

Cleansing milk sensitive skin

Day cream sensitive skin

Creamy mask sensitive skin

Serum sensitive skin

Light gel/serum sensitive skin

 "First aid" serum sensitive skin

Sensitive skin ampoule

Lightening skin line

Cleansing milk lightening skin

Day cream lightening skin

Night cream lightening skin

Creamy mask lightening skin

Serum lightening skin

Ampoule lightening skin

Rich serum lightening skin

Anti-ageing skin line

Cleansing water anti age line

Cleansing milk anti age line

Day cream anti age line

Night cream anti age line

Serum anti age line

Creamy mask anti age line

Anti-ageing skin serum

Anti-ageing enriched ampoule



Hyaluronic acid essence

Hyaluronic acid & collagen essence

Marine elastin essence

Lightening emulsion

Anti ageing essence

Eye contour essence

Anti-wrinkle essence



Peel off mask

Standard peel off mask

White peel off mask

Pink peel off mask

Blue peel off mask

Green peel off mask

Yellow peel off mask


Specific peel off mask

Ligtening Gold peel off mask

Lightening Platinium peel off mask

Firming peel off mask

Tissue mask with gel

Tissue mask with marin collagen 

Tissue mask with lightening gel 

Tissue mask for anti ageing 

Tissue mask for firming 

Eye pads for firming 


Different cutout shapes


Silky anti ageing cream with hyaluronic acid

Wrinkle filler

Lightening gel with white spheres

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