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A Research & Development department

dedicated to innovation for your brand  

We support you in the creation and development of your product and take care of all the regulatory steps.

Our laboratory works to preserve nature by avoiding any impact on the environment and animal testing.


  • Sourcing of raw materials, innovative active ingredients and efficient and natural preservatives.


  • Research of sensoriality and choice of textures.


  • Formulation. The formulation of your cosmetic product is the key phase of your project.


  • Compatibility and stability study of the product.


  • Cosmetic evaluation tests. Regulatory testing & safety assessment. Product preservation tests.

A Quality and Regulatory Department

advice and support

Quality control



The placing on the market of a cosmetic product

Extract from the website of the French Ministry of Solidarity and Health


Declaration of opening or operation of the establishment which ensures the manufacture or packaging, even on an accessory basis, of cosmetic products to the National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products (ANSM).


Compiling and making available to the competent authorities a Product Information Package (PIP)

It must contain :

- a description of the product,

- a report on the safety of the product

- a description of the manufacturing method and a declaration of compliance with good manufacturing practice

- evidence of the claimed effect, where justified by the nature or effect of the cosmetic product.


Assessment of the safety of the product according to the requirements of the cosmetic regulation.


Compliance with the rules on product composition, including the restrictions and bans on certain substances set out in the annexes to the Regulation and regularly updated.


Notification to the Commission of a set of product information (product category, person responsible, composition, labelling, etc.) through a common portal for all Member States (Cosmetics Products Notification Portal).

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