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Standard Products

Our catalogue contains standard formulas offering a wild choice of products from all skin Types to specific skin types providing solutions to specific needs or problems (pigmentation, acne, sensitivity...).

Adapted standard products.

Our existing products can be adapted to your specifications. Do you want to change perfume, exture, colour...? Be sure that we will do our best.


OEM Products

Innovative products | Concepts

You are looking for a specific product? Our team goes with you for the development of specific formulas according to your proper request.



We propose you innovative products according with the trends of the French and International markets, with high-tech ingredients ans powerful activity

Sun Line

Our sun cosmetics provide optimised UVA/UVB protection from SPF 15 to 50+. They provide effective protection against premature ageing and the appearance of new spots due to sun exposure and are suitable for all skin types. Our offer adapts to regulatory changes and follows the trends of the cosmetics market.

Hydroalcoholic gel

Wholesaler in hydroalcoholic gel personalized | Bottles and cans of 50, 100, 500 ml, 1 litre and 5 litres of antibacterial gel for the hands or hydroalcoholic solution (SHA) to protect itself from microbes, viruses (effective against the coronavirus / Covid 19) and to apply the barrier gestures | Bottle, spray, tube, bottle 

Hydroalcoholic Gel



Within the context of the application of barrier gestures, and in order to limit the spread of the Covid-19 virus, equip your premises and your employees with hand gel thanks to our pump bottles. Offer your customers and partners small pocket sizes, such as our 50ml bottle of hydroalcoholic gel made in France. Easily and quickly customisable with your colours, these small bottles of hydroalcoholic gel with logo will allow you to share a protective and generous image of your company.


Regulatory framework



Manufacturers must file an advance declaration of profession attesting to the use of denatured alcohol and have a "user" licence issued by customs.

Several denaturing processes can be used: total denaturation by Eurodenaturant (see Regulation (EU) 2017/1112) or denaturation by a special process authorised by Customs (to find out more about these processes and the denaturing substances that can be used, contact your Customs department).

The product thus manufactured can be distributed without further conditions, without prejudice to other regulations to which it may be subject (e.g. biocide regulations).

Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, the customs authorities are temporarily granting an exemption from excise duties in the case of the manufacture and distribution of hydroalcoholic gel based on natural alcohol.


Cumulative conditions to be met


  • Use a formula authorised by the regulations on biocidal products, in accordance with the modified DGPR order of 13 March 2020.
  • The hydro-alcoholic gel or solution corresponds to a product packaged for end use.
  • For manufacturers of hydro-alcoholic products:
  • be authorised to place your product on the market under the regulation on biocidal products (see above);
  • have an approved warehousekeeper status issued by Customs or a "User" licence (application to be made via SOPRANO UT or by e-mail to the Customs department);
  • supply your alcohol to a company with customs-approved warehousekeeper status;
  • specify on your commercial documents (invoices, delivery notes) whether the products are made from natural or denatured alcohol, in order to facilitate their identification;
  • keep movement certificates, keep stock records of the alcohol received and used for the manufacture of hydroalcoholic products.


  • For repackagers, resellers or professional users in large quantities:
  • if you receive products made from natural alcohol not packaged for final use (containers of more than 5 litres, in particular) or if you store at least 50 tonnes of products: have a "user" licence issued by Customs (request to be made via SOPRANO UT or by e-mail to the Customs department);
  • obtain your supplies from a company with the status of a customs-approved warehousekeeper, which will specify the quality of the alcohol used (natural or denatured) on its commercial documents (invoices, delivery notes);
  • keep movement records, keep stock records of products received and distributed.